[IPython-dev] notebook display

Toby Burnett tburnett at myuw.net
Sat Feb 8 13:35:30 EST 2014

There are two status indicators in the v2-dev notebook display that I'd like to enhance:

*         Kernel Busy indication

*         Edit mode
Both are very important to know, but neither is displayed very prominently; a small bit of text in the upper corner for the former, a rather thin green line for the latter. Since Kernel Busy affects the entire notebook, I'd like a more global indicator, to make it clear that there is no point to try to execute a cell. (I don't know how many times I've forgotten to quit the debug, then wonder why nothing is happening. Or  do a restart, and forget to wait for that text to go away.) Edit mode should be rather easy, just increase the width.

So I'd like to experiment with alternatives, by adjusting the css. There is a way, I seem to remember, for a user to customize the relevant css. Could someone point me to the instructions, or suggest changes?

--Toby Burnett
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