[IPython-dev] ipython.parallel - running programs on cores with persistent data

Dinesh Vadhia dineshvadhia at outlook.com
Wed Feb 12 09:39:58 EST 2014

Hi! New to the list and have a few questions about ipython.parallel for building a request/response system:

a. Does ipython.parallel support computations on persistent data objects at the nodes or does it (always) recreate the data objects for each new request?

b. Assuming a), each core runs a python program that operates on persistant data objects in-memory and the programs are running continuously servicing requests from the controller.
- How are the programs started up (and stopped) on each core using ipython.parallel without using any of the magic commands because the system is not "interactive" in the ipython sense?  
- Are 3rd party distributed/cluster systems management tools needed to achieve these functions?

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