[IPython-dev] Embedding JointJS library

Nikolas Tezak ntezak at stanford.edu
Tue Feb 18 18:46:20 EST 2014

Hi all,

I just installed the current IPython 2.0 dev version from github and I'm quite impressed! At this point I've converted half my lab to use IPython in their daily workflows. 
I'm especially excited about the upcoming widget features.

Right now, I would like to try to embed a JointJS ( http://www.jointjs.com/ ) applet into an IPython notebook and have it talk back to the kernel. 
The reason is that I want to create a graphical schematic capture tool for circuit diagrams.

I think I'll be able to figure out how to do this by emulating this:

However, I am already getting stuck on just importing the JointJS javascript library into a current notebook.

If I have a javascript file "joint.js" and a css file "joint.css" in the same directory as a given notebook, is there any easy way of importing these into the notebook?
I have looked into the IPython.display.Javascript and HTML object but couldn't get it to work.


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