[IPython-dev] scp error in ipcluster start when profile doesn't exist on engine host

Drain, Theodore R (392P) theodore.r.drain at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Feb 19 12:50:35 EST 2014

I'm running the 2.0 development code and getting an error when I try to start a cluster using the ssh engine launcher.  The error happens when it tries to copy the json security file to the engine.  If any of the directories in the path to the json file (.ipython/profile_NAME/security) don't exist, then scp throws an exception which stops the cluster.

It's fairly annoying to have to log in to each machine in my cluster and create a directory tree every time I change the name of the profile.  So - is this the expected behavior?  

There are some ways to use scp (or maybe rsync) that might be more robust:


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