[IPython-dev] Building an integrated measurement system with IPython

Zahari Dim zaharid at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 17:28:48 EST 2014

Thank you very much for your comments.

The module widgets looks awesome, and will avoid me having to put dirty
hacks in an ipython fork. It seems that most of what I want can be done
just with a custom profile/nbextension.

On Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 11:51 PM, Michael McKerns <mmckerns at caltech.edu>wrote:

> Zahari,
> What you are looking to do is potentially a very large
> undertaking that could very likely require you to get some
> significant funding, if you want to do it robustly.  If it pays
> off, however, you potentially will have built something that
> will be of a very broad general interest.  I'd suggest trying
> to leverage as much existing technology as possible, and
> then picking one or so items on your list that would improve
> your own life the most... and try to do just that one thing
> well first.
> ---
> I realize it's impossible for me alone to build a robust well tested
application. However I think all the important bits are already present in
IPython. At least, it should be possible to make a proof of concept that
could work for the basic use cases, and potentially evolve from there. In
fact now that I discovered the widgets module, I am a little bit more
confident I could achieve some of the goals :).

I guess the main question I have for now is how to do something like:

def method_to_measure_in_remote_engine():
    for point in points_to_measure:

Can't see anything here that could help:


Best regards,

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