[IPython-dev] Notebook: Horizontal layout for multiple figures in output cell

Antonino Ingargiola tritemio at gmail.com
Fri Feb 21 12:57:56 EST 2014

Hi to all,

my workflow often requires plotting 2-3 figures for comparison. The
analysis notebook is usually quite long, with several comparisons: each
cell performs a kind of plot comparison. I tend to put multiple figures in
one single cell without using subplots as this is easier and faster to

Other times I plot series of plots in a loop, each one in a different
figure. These plots are logically related (a time evolution, same plot on
different data-sets, etc...)

Right now the different figures stack vertically in the notebook cell
creating big gaps and breaking the notebook flow. Using subplots is just
too cumbersome for quick and evolving analysis. Would be nice to have the
option to stack multiple figures horizontally by default in a notebook
output cell. With long series of plots I wouldn't mind to scroll
horizontally the page, the logical structure of the document would more

Is a way to achieve this? Does anyone fell the same need?

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