[IPython-dev] Python code to Notebook?

Doug Blank doug.blank at gmail.com
Tue Feb 25 08:45:09 EST 2014

Is there a project that converts python code to a notebook? I have some
simple code [1]  that just wraps the code in a cell, and signs it, but I
could image lots of useful options: breaking up into cells (based on
indentation), turning comment blocks into markdown sells, special
conversion commands in comments, etc.

I have a large number of example files that it would be handy to automate
the conversion and end up with useful notebooks for further editing and
demonstrations. This could also be handy for a generic "Save as Notebook"
option in Python editors.

It could even allow .py files (or other languages) to appear in the
notebook file listings, and allow automatic conversion to a notebook on
selection (at least when talking to a kernel server).

Thanks for any pointers,


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