[IPython-dev] output toggle for slideviewer

JGrif j.davidgriffiths at gmail.com
Wed Feb 26 05:31:15 EST 2014

Hi all. 

Quick thought on a possibly-easy feature request:

Have an option to use the nbconvert 'hide input' functionality for the
herokuapp slideviewer.

(as e.g. described nicely on Damian's blog 

I understand the the slideviewer is not intended to do anything exotic with
nbconvert, and that it is a quick nbconvert job to remove the input cells if
one knows how.

But the usefulness of the hide input option really stands out imho. It makes
it feasible to use ipynbs for talks and presentations of all kinds. 

Whilst I personally am ok with nbconvert-ing and serving slides from
gh-pages, this is a bit niche. And it needs to be re-run for every
modification in the notebook.  The majority of users will most likely not be
doing this kind of thing any time soon. 

So I'm thinking maybe a flag, or a separate slideviewer url bar or even
separate website for input-removed slides, would be a really great addition
to this tool. 



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