[IPython-dev] Best collaborative multi-user, multi-project notebook workflow?

Patrick Surry patrick.surry at gmail.com
Thu Feb 27 07:24:51 EST 2014

To date I've mainly been using ipython notebook to do data analysis with
pandas in a single-user mode: pull data to my local machine, set up a
notebook, do some analysis, share some output.  If anything, my main
complaint has been lack of multi-directory support (eagerly awaiting its
arrival!), leading me to store all my notebooks in a single folder, which
is getting a bit unwieldy, but somehow feels easier/safer than trying to
manage multiple notebook servers in a multitude of directories and keeping
track of which notebooks/shells are still running etc.

Anyway, I'm thinking about how to expand to a team > 1, and looking for
recommendations about how to share, collaborate on, manage and archive
multiple notebook projects.  Should everyone run ipython on a shared
server, or does each user keep local and use git or the like to share?  In
general can multiple user changes to a notebook be safely merged with git
without breaking its structure?  Is there a good way to experiment with
multi-directory support yet, or is UI still a blocker?  Any other best
practice recommendations?

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