[IPython-dev] Best collaborative multi-user, multi-project notebook workflow?

Damián Avila damianavila at gmail.com
Thu Feb 27 07:54:22 EST 2014

Some quick answer... but essentially, a lot of the thinks you are asking
are planned to be developed during this year...

> Anyway, I'm thinking about how to expand to a team > 1, and looking for
> recommendations about how to share, collaborate on, manage and archive
> multiple notebook projects.  Should everyone run ipython on a shared
> server, or does each user keep local and use git or the like to share?

A first version of multi-user notebook is planned to begin the development
after the release of 2.0. and it is probably the main feature for the next
6 month cycle. But, right now, the multi-user capabilities are non-existing
and you have share your notebooks with others if you want to collaborate
with them.

> In general can multiple user changes to a notebook be safely merged with
> git without breaking its structure?

No, there will be some problems, but it is planned to support some sort of
diff and merge function inside IPython.

> Is there a good way to experiment with multi-directory support yet, or is
> UI still a blocker?

In master, and in the next upcoming release, you have the capability to
navigate directories from the dashboard.

> Any other best practice recommendations?
Probably all your needs will be covered in a couple of months ;-)

> Thanks,
> Patrick
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