[IPython-dev] Including notebooks in a wiki

Jon Wilson jsw at fnal.gov
Wed Jul 2 12:43:13 EDT 2014

Hi all,
Having gotten a nice anaconda setup working including pandoc, I've 
naturally been asked to document it on our wiki, both use and the 
procedure I went through to set it up.  In order to showcase how it 
works and how it can be used to load and analyze CDMS data, I was 
thinking of including a notebook that I wrote that does exactly that.

I know that people regularly include notebooks in blogs, (e.g. 
jakevdp.github.io (nice blog btw!)).  Does anyone have experience 
including a notebook in a wiki?  The wiki in question is dokuwiki, but I 
expect that a solution for one wiki syntax wouldn't be too difficult to 
translate to another wiki syntax.

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