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On 6 July 2014 15:58, Sjoerd de Vries <sjdv1982 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thank you for your response, but I am a bit sad to hear this. Now that the
> sh profile is deleted, is system-shell-replacement no longer within the
> scope of IPython, ?

As Fernando indicated, that's never really been IPython's aim. Of course we
like seeing what people build with IPython, but that use case isn't
something we especially support.

> In addition, the extension would manipulate
> input_transformer_manager.logical_line_transforms, so that the standard
> input transformers "escaped_commands" and  "assign_from_system"  will be
> overruled. This is a bit rude, but it should work.

That's OK, the input transformation API is there to allow this kind of
extension. This is, however, a 'consenting adults' klnd of API - it's
entirely possible to break IPython syntax with this, so it's up to you to
ensure that things work together.

> However, it would still require the following modifications to the IPython
> core:
> - Support for evaluators, and the use of AliasEvaluator by %alias (to
> allow delayed evaluation)
- A hook to change the %alias formatter class from DollarFormatter (to
> allow customized variable substitution)
> - A hook in FullEvalFormatter._vformat to be triggered on certain
> "conversion" values (for converters)

I think the simplest approach to this is something we've been talking about
for a while - we shouldn't call var_expand for all magic commands. The
obvious answer to this would be to not do it for any magics, and have the
magics that want it call it internally, but we've hesitated because we
think var_expand makes sense for the majority of magics, and it seems
awkward to make them all call it for the sake of a few that don't. An
alternative would be to decorate magic function definitions in some way to
indicate that var_expand *shouldn't* be called (and leave calling them as
the default).

Other than that, magics just get the raw string, so you should be able to
do whatever you want with that.

>  - Additional optional arguments to interactiveshell methods "getoutput",
> "system_piped" and "system_raw" (for variable substitution and stderr
> capture)

I think an argument for stderr capture makes sense. For controlling
variable substitution, it might be easier to go down a level, to the
(similarly named) functions which they call after doing var_expand.

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