[IPython-dev] ijulia?

Matthias Bussonnier bussonniermatthias at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 13:44:07 EDT 2014

It does work in here. 

You need to install IJulia from within a Julia repl.

> Pkg.add('IJulia')

IJulia should create the julia profile by itself during the install. IIRC you can use 

> Pkg.build('IJulia') 

to be sure. 

you can then  start ipython --profile=julia with --debug flag to get more info :

in particular you want line like :

[ZMQTerminalIPythonApp] {'BaseIPythonApplication': {'profile': 'julia'}, 'Application': {'log_level': 10}, 
	'KernelManager': {'kernel_cmd': ['~/julia/usr/bin/julia', '-F', '~/.julia/IJulia/src/kernel.jl', '{connection_file}']

below  is the full output for me (in IPython 3.0): 

$ ipython console --profile=julia --debug

[ZMQTerminalIPythonApp] Config changed:
[ZMQTerminalIPythonApp] {'BaseIPythonApplication': {'profile': 'julia'}, 'Application': {'log_level': 10}}
[ZMQTerminalIPythonApp] IPYTHONDIR set to: /Users/bussonniermatthias/.ipython
[ZMQTerminalIPythonApp] Using existing profile dir: '/Users/bussonniermatthias/.ipython/profile_julia'
[ZMQTerminalIPythonApp] Searching path ['/Users/bussonniermatthias/dissertation', '/Users/bussonniermatthias/.ipython/profile_julia'] for config files
[ZMQTerminalIPythonApp] Attempting to load config file: ipython_config.py
[ZMQTerminalIPythonApp] Loaded config file: /Users/bussonniermatthias/.ipython/profile_julia/ipython_config.py
[ZMQTerminalIPythonApp] Config changed:
[ZMQTerminalIPythonApp] {'BaseIPythonApplication': {'profile': 'julia'}, 'Application': {'log_level': 10}, 'KernelManager': {'kernel_cmd': ['/Users/bussonniermatthias/julia/usr/bin/julia', '-F', '/Users/bussonniermatthias/.julia/IJulia/src/kernel.jl', '{connection_file}']}}
[ZMQTerminalIPythonApp] Attempting to load config file: ipython_console_config.py
[ZMQTerminalIPythonApp] Connection File not found: /Users/bussonniermatthias/.ipython/profile_julia/security/kernel-43123.json
/Users/bussonniermatthias/ipython/IPython/kernel/manager.py:87: UserWarning: Setting kernel_cmd is deprecated, use kernel_spec to start different kernels. # you shouldn't get that in 2.0.
  warnings.warn("Setting kernel_cmd is deprecated, use kernel_spec to "
[ZMQTerminalIPythonApp] Connecting to: tcp://
[ZMQTerminalIPythonApp] connecting shell channel to tcp://
[ZMQTerminalIPythonApp] connecting iopub channel to tcp://
[ZMQTerminalIPythonApp] connecting stdin channel to tcp://
[ZMQTerminalIPythonApp] connecting heartbeat channel to tcp://
IPython Console 3.0.0-dev

IPython profile: julia

[ZMQTerminalIPythonApp] Loading IPython extensions...
[ZMQTerminalIPythonApp] Loading IPython extension: storemagic
[ZMQTerminalIPythonApp] Starting IPython's mainloop...
Starting kernel event loops.

In [1]: 2
Out[1]: 2

In [2]: ans
Out[2]: 2

In [3]:

Le 8 juil. 2014 à 19:31, William Stein a écrit :

> Hi,
> I keep getting requests for IJulia
> (https://github.com/JuliaLang/IJulia.jl) support in SageMathCloud.
> However, all my many attempts to get anywhere with IJulia so far have
> completely failed, and I have no clue even how to successfully install
> it.  I've tried the directions, which all seem to work with no errors.
> However, the end result is that things just don't work at all.  In
> particular, despite IPython claiming to load with the 'julia' profile,
> it's still just plain ipython (in julia ans would be 2 below):
> ~/salvus/salvus$ ipython console --profile julia
> Python 2.7.5 (default, May  5 2014, 17:28:45)
> Type "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
> IPython 2.1.0 -- An enhanced Interactive Python.
> IPython profile: julia
> In [1]: 2
> Out[1]: 2
> In [2]: ans
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> NameError                                 Traceback (most recent call last)
> QUESTION: Does anybody reading this use IJulia?  Is it even supposed
> to work with IPython 2.1?
> -- William
> -- 
> William Stein
> Professor of Mathematics
> University of Washington
> http://wstein.org
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