[IPython-dev] Public-domain browser terminal interface

Thomas Kluyver takowl at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 16:16:52 EDT 2014

The terminal-in-the-browser libraries we've previously looked at
(shell-in-a-box and GateOne) are GPL/AGPL licensed, which made us very wary
of doing anything with them. I've just found ajaxterm, which is in the
public domain, so we could use it freely. It doesn't look very actively
maintained, but the server side is about 600 lines of Python, so we could
easily understand it and fix problems as we encounter them:


This came up in a talk about GraphTerm, which is an interesting project
doing some of the same things we're doing. It includes inline display of
graphical output, and can load and save our notebooks - it has a concept of
a 'progressively fillable notebook', which contains hidden solutions which
are visible to students after they submit their own solution.


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