[IPython-dev] running multiple cells simultaneously

Andrew Chen chenjandrew at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 22:42:18 EDT 2014

I’m interested in being able to run mutiple ipython notebook cells
simultaneously: for example, to run a loop in once cell, and use another
loop with interactive widgets to tune some parameter of the loop in the
first cell.

I am aware of the ipython.parallel, but this seems doesn’t seem perfectly
relevant because the parallel interface is still a blocking REPL loop. The
interaction (as I understand it) is “read -
EvaluateOnSeparateProcesses/Kernels - PrintAllResultsFromProcesses”, where
I am interested in essentially being able to have “read-evaluate….<switch
to a different cell> read-evaluate-print <switch back>... print”.

I also tried to use standard python threads, and attempted to use the
advice from
this thread to redirect the cell output:
however, it did not work as advertised, and threads have a nasty habit of
being difficult to debug.

I’m curious if this is possible, and what I would need to do/look at to
enable this functionality.

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