[IPython-dev] Activate python3 on windows

Bjorn Madsen bjorn.madsen at operationsresearchgroup.com
Sun Jul 13 07:12:24 EDT 2014

Hello - I have one of those days where I am questioning my grammar-school

On a fresh anaconda install I use cmd.exe and successfully create a new
C:\Anaconda>conda create -n py3k python=3
with python-3.4.1 package as the only installed package (perfect) and
Proceed ([y]/n)?
= y
Anaconda fetches, extracts and links the package(s), and provides the
helpful message:
# To activate this environment, use:
# > activate py3k
To which I merryly type:
C:\Anaconda>activate py3k
and cmd.exe prints:
Activating environment "py3k"...
In the attempt:
[py3k] C:\Anaconda>ipython qtconsole
the result is python 2.7.6 which is a surprise.
In the second attempt:
[py3k] C:\Anaconda> ipython qtconsole --profile=py3k
the result is still python 2.7.6

The intention is to have a ipython qtconsole running python 3 using
anaconda. What am I to jet-lagged to get?

PS. If it can be done without activating a new environment, then please
share how...

Kind regards,

Bjorn Madsen
*Researcher Complex Systems Research*
Ph.: (+44) 0 7792 030 720
bjorn.madsen at operationsresearchgroup.com
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