[IPython-dev] Step-by-step debugging with IPython

Josh Wasserstein ribonucleico at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 09:02:16 EDT 2014


I use IPython every day in my work, and want to strongly congratulate
Fernando P, Min RK, T. Kluyver, J. Frederic, etc. and the rest of the
IPython dev community for the effort they have put over the years to bring
it to where it is. This software and the vision put forward is making a
difference in industry and academia.

One thing I sorely miss since I started using IPython ~2 years ago is the
ability to do step-by-step debugging with IPython. From conversations with
peers and my own survey on the topic
I think there is quite a strong interest in having a full-fledged IPython
debugger.  Still the accepted answer to that post seems to be the only
solution so far, and as I explain in it, it has its limitations. This makes
me wonder if:

1) I am doing things wrong
2) The current status of IPython does not provide the debugging
functionality stated in the OP.

And the reason behind 2) could be:
a. Limitations of Python / execution model that make this inviable
b. There is not enough interest to justify an effort to improve the
debugging model / the relatively high complexity required to have Python /
IPython support this workflow

I think the original question in SO explains well the workflow and features
that I think would make IPython a great companion for debugging, but let me
know otherwise. Any insight on the topic would be very helpful.

Thanks again for all the great work!

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