[IPython-dev] HTML display does not works when using Widgets

TARUN GABA tarun.gaba7 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 12:47:37 EDT 2014

Hi all

I am working on a module, which requires use of IPython widgets and some
rendered HTML.
I am using the dev branch from the repository.

    $ ipython --version

this is the code snippet, I am trying to implement:

    def my_func():
        HTML("<b>Some html</b>")
        some_widget.interact #display widget

When I call this function from the notebook, only widget is rendered on the
output cell, not the HTML.
I guess that might be because widgets use different "type" of output method
compared to usual output method.

Can anybody please point me to the best way to implement it(both HTML and
widget in same output cell.)


Tarun Gaba
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