[IPython-dev] test from where a module is imported

Johann Rohwer jr at sun.ac.za
Thu Jul 17 04:19:40 EDT 2014

Sorry if this appears multiple times, my first post does not seem to have made 
it to the list.
Hi all,

Say I'm developing a Python module and would like to know from where the user 
imports this module, i.e. from a regular Python shell, an IPython shell, an 
IPython qtconsole, or an IPython notebook. I would like to enable additional 
features in my module depending on e.g. useful stuff that is available in the 
notebook. But I want the module also to be able to be imported and run in any 
of the other environments, so it's really more like a test from where we are 

I can think of various hacks on how to achieve this but would like to know if 
there is The Right Way (TM) and if so, what it is.


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