[IPython-dev] How to use notebooks with teams

Paddy Mullen paddy at paddymullen.com
Fri Jul 18 10:37:53 EDT 2014

I'm a developer supporting a group of non-technical business analysts.
We want to use the IPython notebook, but we are running into some
problems. I was hoping to hear some best practices and other people's
experiences.  Maybe there is a product that makes the IPython
notebook easier to use for teams.

Currently each business user is running their own notebook server
that points at a shared directory.  This lets us distribute code to
all business users relatively easily.  We run into problems when two
users are working on the same notebook at the same time, their
changes clobber each other.

Is there a way to make notebooks parameterizeable?  I would like to
build notebooks that performs some common analysis, and I want the
business user to be able to tweak a couple of parameters, then re-run
the notebook and see the new report.   If users aren't writing new code,
just changing parameters, there will be fewer opportunities for merging and
merge conflicts or file clobbering.

In short what experiences do people have with teams of non-technical
users collaborating on IPython notebooks.

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