[IPython-dev] kernel wrapper example

Ralf Hemmecke hemmecke at gmail.com
Mon Jul 21 08:02:48 EDT 2014


The site


makes a little echokernel.py example. But how exactly am I supposed to
run this?

I don't understand what I should do with the following part.

Here’s the Kernel spec kernel.json file for this:

{"argv":["python","-m","echokernel", "-f", "{connection_file}"],

My questions:

1) Into which directory should I put echokernel.py?
2) where should I put this kernel.json snippet?
3) I'd expect that then (when I simply call "ipython") it would
   automatically use "echokernel.py". Is this true?

I'm probably not done with this, since the echokernel example is
probably too simple as a real-world-example. I'd really appreciate an
example that demonstrates the connection to bash as an example.
Any chance that someone would write a tutorial for how to do this with
the new kernelwrapper mechanism? I wonder how the bash process would
actually be started and kept alive.

Thank you in advance.


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