[IPython-dev] custom.js broken

TARUN GABA tarun.gaba7 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 21 14:21:04 EDT 2014

Hi neil,

You can try this:

    require(["jquery"], function($) {

$([IPython.events]).on("app_initialized.NotebookApp", function () {
// Add your extenstions here using $.getscript


        ], function(IPython, $) {

IPython.events.on("app_initialized.NotebookApp", function () {
// Add your extenstions here using $.getscript

Since all the javascript variables are being called by require.js now,
there is no `$` or 'IPython' in the global scope. [Most probably], one of
the scripts mentioned above should work for you. I dont have much time
today to test them though!

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