[IPython-dev] kernel wrapper example

Ralf Hemmecke hemmecke at gmail.com
Mon Jul 21 19:49:51 EDT 2014

Oh, more questions to this wrapper stuff.

1) What happens to the % and %% magic mechanism? Would I be able to use
that also if the underlying kernel is bash?

In fact, I actually don't want it or rather want it optional since the
language I'm going to connect to uses % and %% to refer to the previous
and previous-previous expression, so I'd rather like nobody to take away
that meaning before I get access to the input.

2) ipython notebook --kernel bash
does not work because ipython notebook does not understand the kernel
option. How would I go about starting a new notebook with my kernel?

3) Of course, a notebook should know about which kernel it is written
for. Can I assume that the design is such that the notebook contains
this information or what is the overall picture?


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