[IPython-dev] newtabmagic

Eric Galloway ericgalloway at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 11:50:18 EDT 2014

Hi folks,

newtabmagic is a magic for opening help pages in new browser tabs.
In IPython, the operators ? and ?? display help in text form.
newtabmagic runs the pydoc server as a background process,
providing access to help pages in HTML.

There are two ways of opening new browser tabs. By
dotted reference

    In [1]: %newtab IPython.core.debugger.Tracer

which opens the url
(for a pydoc server port of 8888).

Or by providing the name of an object. Here
we need to do an import first:

    In [1]: import IPython
    In [2]: tracer = IPython.core.debugger.Tracer
    In [3]: %newtab tracer

See https://github.com/etgalloway/newtabmagic for more.


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