[IPython-dev] CodeMirror and vim

Tyler Reddy treddy at dal.ca
Thu Jul 24 05:52:53 EDT 2014


I've noticed that some of the features enabled for vim bindings in a recent
release of CodeMirror (see the demo instance:
http://codemirror.net/demo/vim.html) do not appear to work in IPython 2.0
notebook cells for which vim bindings have been enabled in the profile in
the usual way. The main thing I notice is that I can't use the search "/"
and substitution ":%s/find/replace/gc" commands, which bring up a nice
little command line at the bottom of the cell in the example linked above.

Many vim features *can* be enabled in IPython notebooks--including line
numbers and wrapping of long lines, etc. But I'm wondering if the above
limitations are primarily a result of the version of CodeMirror that is
distributed with IPython, or the way that subsets of CodeMirror features
interact with IPython notebooks?

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