[IPython-dev] New Notebook extensions: Spell checking, document tools, cell tools

Doug Blank doug.blank at gmail.com
Sun Jul 27 01:50:41 EDT 2014

IPython notebook users,

Looking for some beta testers to try out three new notebook extensions.
These are browser extensions, so should work with any kernel. They are:

1. Spell check: this is implemented in JavaScript, not too big (~700k), and
pretty fast. It is currently set up to work only for Markdown cells. It
toggles on/off via the "check" button. Doesn't offer suggestions for
misspelled words, but is a big help in writing. Currently, English only,
but supports a range of dictionary types via Typo.js.

2. Cell tools: There are two formats for code cells: Input/Output Tabbed
view, and Column view. The Tabbed view will cover the Input code cell with
the Output of the code, and you can tab back and forth. The Column view
will show the output in a column next to the  input column. Both of these
buttons toggle individual code cells, and remembers their state when you
re-open the notebook. These don't show in nbviewer, however.

3. Document tools: There are three different extensions for handling
documents: 1) Heading numbering, 2) Table of Contents generation, and 3)
Bibliographic support. The first two are fairly straightforward in
functionality: the first toggles heading numbering on/off, and the second
creates a Table of Contents from the heading cells.

The Bibliographic tool is a bit more complex, and still needs to be
refined. It does two things: replaces citations in your Markdown with
proper author/year, and creates a References section at the end of your
notebook with cited sources (this part isn't complete yet). It uses Bibtex
data stored in the notebook, or in a separate Bibliography.ipynb in your
root dir. For more on this tool, see:


(Documentation hasn't been refined yet; This is a temp version. We hope to
have some demo videos next week.)

To install, you can do something like:

1) Change to the profile you want to use:
cd $(ipython locate)/profile_default/static/custom/

2) Overwrite or edit your custom js and css:
-o custom.css

3) Get the extensions that you want:

Document tools:

Cell tools:

Spell checking:
unzip typo.zip

We'd be glad to get feedback on any and all of these. We hope that you find
them useful!

-Doug (and the Bryn Mawr College digital humanities team)
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