[IPython-dev] New Notebook extensions: Spell checking, document tools, cell tools

Juergen Hasch python at elbonia.de
Sun Jul 27 06:54:07 EDT 2014

Hi Doug,
nice work. I am glad you found a Javascript solution for the spell checker. I'll happily retire my aspell-based version.

I think it would be a good idea to move to the nbextension location, as Matthias suggested.
Also, the CSS stuff for the spellchecker extension should probably be in a separate spell-check.css file .

One can use "IPython.load_extensions('spell-check')" or "require(['nbextensions/spell-check'])" to load an extension.
The first options seems nicer to me, what do you say ?


Am 27.07.2014 07:50, schrieb Doug Blank:
> IPython notebook users,
> Looking for some beta testers to try out three new notebook extensions. These are browser extensions, so should work
> with any kernel. They are:
> 1. Spell check: this is implemented in JavaScript, not too big (~700k), and pretty fast. It is currently set up to work
> only for Markdown cells. It toggles on/off via the "check" button. Doesn't offer suggestions for misspelled words, but
> is a big help in writing. Currently, English only, but supports a range of dictionary types via Typo.js.
> 2. Cell tools: There are two formats for code cells: Input/Output Tabbed view, and Column view. The Tabbed view will
> cover the Input code cell with the Output of the code, and you can tab back and forth. The Column view will show the
> output in a column next to the  input column. Both of these buttons toggle individual code cells, and remembers their
> state when you re-open the notebook. These don't show in nbviewer, however.
> 3. Document tools: There are three different extensions for handling documents: 1) Heading numbering, 2) Table of
> Contents generation, and 3) Bibliographic support. The first two are fairly straightforward in functionality: the first
> toggles heading numbering on/off, and the second creates a Table of Contents from the heading cells.
> The Bibliographic tool is a bit more complex, and still needs to be refined. It does two things: replaces citations in
> your Markdown with proper author/year, and creates a References section at the end of your notebook with cited sources
> (this part isn't complete yet). It uses Bibtex data stored in the notebook, or in a separate Bibliography.ipynb in your
> root dir. For more on this tool, see:
> http://nbviewer.ipython.org/urls/bitbucket.org/ipre/calico/raw/master/notebooks/Documentation/Reference%20Guide/Reference%20Guide.ipynb#4.-Bibliographic-Support
> (Documentation hasn't been refined yet; This is a temp version. We hope to have some demo videos next week.)
> To install, you can do something like:
> 1) Change to the profile you want to use:
> cd $(ipython locate)/profile_default/static/custom/
> 2) Overwrite or edit your custom js and css:
> wget https://bitbucket.org/ipre/calico/raw/master/notebooks/profile/static/custom/custom_example.js -o custom.css
> wget https://bitbucket.org/ipre/calico/raw/master/notebooks/profile/static/custom/custom.css 
> 3) Get the extensions that you want:
> Document tools:
> wget https://bitbucket.org/ipre/calico/raw/master/notebooks/profile/static/custom/bibtex.js
> wget https://bitbucket.org/ipre/calico/raw/master/notebooks/profile/static/custom/document-tools.js
> Cell tools:
> wget https://bitbucket.org/ipre/calico/raw/master/notebooks/profile/static/custom/cell-tools.js
> Spell checking:
> wget https://bitbucket.org/ipre/calico/raw/master/notebooks/profile/static/custom/spell-check.js
> wget https://bitbucket.org/ipre/calico/raw/master/notebooks/profile/static/custom/typo.zip
> unzip typo.zip
> We'd be glad to get feedback on any and all of these. We hope that you find them useful!
> -Doug (and the Bryn Mawr College digital humanities team)
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