[IPython-dev] IDL/GDL kernel

Michael McKerns mmckerns at caltech.edu
Wed Jul 30 20:40:31 EDT 2014


I know it's not what you are asking… but just to throw this into
the mix. you might be able to bridge some gaps with  one of
my old packages, pyIDL.  I'm just putting it out there in case
you haven't come across it.  It's unmaintained, but was fairly
feature complete a few years back.  I just stopped using IDL.


I'm guessing that you could see what I did to stop the IDL
processes in my IDL bindings, and maybe then leverage that.

> Hello All,
> I am a graduate student studying plasma physics. I have made a mostly
> functional IDL/GDL(just GDL for now) kernel
> <https://github.com/lstagner/idl_kernel> using the new wrapper kernel
> feature. I borrowed heavily from the bash_kernel
> <https://github.com/takluyver/bash_kernel> example. If it is not too
> much trouble I need some help with two things.
> 1. IPython doesn't kill GDL process when shutting down or restarting the
> kernel. I have defined the do_shutdown
> <https://github.com/lstagner/idl_kernel/blob/master/gdl_kernel.py#L130>
> to kill the process but that doesn't seem to do anything.
> 2. Inline Plots: My current method
> <https://github.com/lstagner/idl_kernel/blob/master/gdl_kernel.py#L91>
> is to have GDL make pngs of the plots and then publishing them.
> Unfortunately this is not working and I am not sure why.
> Plasma physics is very much stuck using IDL because of all the legacy
> software. My hope is that this kernel will act as a gateway drug towards
> more open programming languages. When IPython 3/Jupyter comes out I am
> going to try to convince the computer staff at the DIII-D National
> Ignition Facility to install the multi-user notebook server with many
> different kernels installed.
> Thanks for your time
> -Luke Stagner
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Mike McKerns
California Institute of Technology

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