[IPython-dev] Announcement: Set of IPython Notebooks to learn Python for Exploratory Computing

Greg Wilson gvwilson at third-bit.com
Thu Jul 31 13:56:47 EDT 2014

Mark Bakker <markbak at gmail.com <mailto:markbak at gmail.com>> wrote:
We have developed a series of 15 Notebooks for scientists and engineers 
who want to use Python programming for exploratory computing, scipting, 
data analysis, and visualization....

Satrajit Ghosh wrote:
> - how could we disseminate or find such modules that can be used for 
> teaching, without having to go through every single notebook?
> - how do we describe the prior knowledge required through a dependency 
> structure?

Greg Wilson writes:
During our sprint last week, Rémi Emonet and Raniere Silva started 
exploring the idea of using off-the-shelf package managers to manage 
lesson material [1,2] so that something like:

$ conda install barba-12-steps-navier-stokes

will do what it should.  I'm really excited by the idea, and hope to put 
some time into it once September rolls around - if people are 
interested, I'll send a note to this list once work gets under way.

Greg Wilson

[2] http://blog.rgaiacs.com/2014/07/27/sprint.html
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