[IPython-dev] Announcement: Set of IPython Notebooks to learn Python for Exploratory Computing

Mark Bakker markbak at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 15:44:58 EDT 2014

Yeah, good point about the %matplotlib inline. That is much better. The
thing is that I am using Canopy in class and when you start an IPython
Notebook in Canopy I think it starts by default in what used to be pylab
mode. I wonder what it does now, as the --pylab flag is gone. Should try
that, as this was the behavior in the class last year.

From: Ingolf Becker <ingolf.becker at googlemail.com>
> I particularly like the notebooks on water management and the time series
> analysis. Just a remark though:
> I would avoid using %pylab inline - it has some hideous side effects [1]
> (and there was talk of it being removed entirely in future versions)
> `%matplotlib inline
> from matplotlib import pyplot as plt`
> should be preferred.
> [1] https://carreau.github.io/posts/10-No-PyLab-Thanks.ipynb.html
> Thank you for sharing!
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