[IPython-dev] nush

Carl Smith carl.input at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 06:57:02 EST 2014

Hi all

I don't know if anyone here has taken an interest, but it's the
weekend, so it seems like a good time to mention it.

I started working on a browser-based programming environment a while
back that takes a lot from IPython. Though it's very different
internally, it has a lot of similarity at the UX level. There's a few
ideas there that were discussed on this list a while back, liked
tabbed file editing, as well as some reinvention of IPython concepts,
like bookmarking paths and defining commands.

If you have Python3 and Chrome or Chromium installed, you should be
able to just clone the repo and run the app. There's a fairly complete
wiki on GitHub to get you up to speed.

If you're an IPython user, you may consider nush a bit redundant, but
it does do a lot that IPython, by design, never will. The reason I'm
plugging it here is only that it has features that IPython developers
may find interesting.

Thanks, and all the best.


Nush on GitHub

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