[IPython-dev] nush

Carl Smith carl.input at gmail.com
Sun Mar 2 19:49:00 EST 2014

Cheers Fernando. Thanks for taking the time.

You're right; it is a lot of fun being able to play with these ideas
so flippantly. IPython's awesome, but it also a huge deal that can't
just try out wacky stuff these days. To much important work depends on
it. If IPython wasn't around, I'd have maybe taken a more serious
attitude with this project, but you guys do the power tools for
interactive Python so well now that it makes sense for other people to
do something more off key. No sane person would ever use nush for
serious work, or expect dependable APIs, commercial support, security
etc. It's for personal computing on hobby boxes, and a little bit

Anyway, glad you had fun.

All the best


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