[IPython-dev] PyQt5?

Erik Hvatum ice.rikh at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 15:29:57 EST 2014

Is anyone else interested in IPython PyQt5 support?  PyQt5 support
would be great for us at the Pincus Lab as we have a lot of code using
PyQt5 that would potentially cooperate with the IPython event loop and
integrate nicely - if only IPython supported PyQt5.

I did some preliminary work on making IPython 2.0 code from the git
repo use PyQt5.  The primary problems I've encountered are that much
of the QtGui namespace contents have been broken out into QtWidgets
(easily fixed - add QtWidgets imports and replace QtGui with QtWidgets
as required), and that __init__ behavior for objects multiply
inheriting from Qt has changed (could be tricky, I haven't dug into
this yet).

Adding PyQt5 support alongside the existing support for PyQt4 and
pyside qt4 is perhaps possible, though not something I need.

Anyway, I have the impression that PyQt5 support is not on the radar
at all, and I want it to be!  It would be a real let down if IPython
were stuck on Qt4 for the next decade due to IPython users writing new
software for PyQt4 in order to be compatible with IPython...


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