[IPython-dev] --pylab flag deprecated

Vasco Tenner vasco+python at tenner.nl
Wed Mar 5 07:05:41 EST 2014

I used to start ipython notebook with the --pylab flag, so I have all 
kinds of usefull functions directly available. By guessing and 
tab-completion many usefull functions, for data analysis popped up. 
(like plot, display etc).

Now the --pylab flag will deprecate soon, what is the best alternative 
for an interactive environment. I already found it usefull to import 
from pylab:

from pylab import *

However, the --pylab flag did more: it also loaded a bunch of ipython 
functions, like IPython.display.display.

Is there a preffered way to load this? To configure this in some 

I just found the
magic. Should I put this in the top cell of all my notebooks? What 
should I advice to my starting collegues?


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