[IPython-dev] Adding custom JavaScript code

Konrad Hinsen konrad.hinsen at fastmail.net
Thu Mar 6 12:14:20 EST 2014

Fernando Perez writes:

 > JS debugging tip: whenever you see something funky, try reloading
 > the page/app in a *new incognito/private mode window*. Those start
 > with a completely empty cache and are very stateless.  I've already
 > been fooled a few times by caching issues that went away once I
 > checked with an incognito window.

Excellent advice, because that turned out to be the cause of my
problem. I still don't claim to understand how Firefox caches
my custom.js to produce the behavior I have seen, but I least
I know how to work around it.

Clare Sloggett writes:

 > Also, try navigating to your-url/static/custom/custom.js - you should see your
 > javascript code. That way you can test that you've at least put the file in the
 > location where ipython expects to find it.

Excellent advice as well because that's how I analyzed my problem.

Thanks to both of you!


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