[IPython-dev] Results of last year's user survey

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 04:16:59 EDT 2014

Hi all, 

Le 11 mars 2014 à 07:38, Nelle Varoquaux a écrit :

> I think I already asked Matthias about this, but why not simply use irc?
> It has all the features you require, and is the default communication channel
> for software engineers.

The Irc channel still exist, one of the problem is the energy barrier to enter it. 
And for what it is worth, hip chat is really great for beginner user that have no github account
you just have to follow the link, enter your name and chat. 

I personally don't like hipchat, but there is one big advantage for me, being out of schedule with most of the team, 
@mention me in one of hip chat room send me a text (don't' always have phone data everywhere, or on, so app-things 
is next to useless to me). 

Also the migration to hipchat was done more or less at the same time as the "deprecation" of IPython-user list,
and I think one of the main goal was to simplify things for newcomers.

> There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it.

This thing is hipchat.

But it does not prevent you from asking on irc, stack overflow, twitter… 
We should just not tell someone who is in need for help that he need to choose, 
and that he need to install something and learn a new software.

As much as I prefer gitter to hipchat, you can have 100ds of room on gitter, 
which is not  friendly for someone not used to the project, and UI is confusing.

Finally I've started to see if we could have a hubot to do hipchat/irc/whatever bridge. 
it seem possible I just miss time to write it. 

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