[IPython-dev] Deploying IPython on Windows campus network

Johann Rohwer jr at sun.ac.za
Wed Mar 12 10:46:19 EDT 2014

We are trying to deploy IPython on our Windows campus network using Microsoft 
Application Virtualization technology. On our campus network all users have a 
home directory which is automounted as the network drive H:\ upon login. What 
is the easiest way to tell IPython to use H:\.ipython or H:\ipython as the 
configuration directory for IPython? (If I am not mistaken the home drive is 
set by the environment variable %HOMEDRIVE% under Windows). 

Unfortunately I am not very familiar with Windows (using Linux myself) and our 
Windows sysadmin has limited python knowledge. Currently our installation is 
working, but upon startup the current working directory is set to 
C:\Windows\system32 which is not writeable for normal users - this is 
expecially problematic for the notebook which won't start up because of a lack 
of write permission. Also the IPython config directory defaults to C:
\Users\%USERNAME%\.ipython which is machine specific, and we would like it to 
be under a user's network home directory.

We are using the Anaconda python distribution.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

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