[IPython-dev] throttling widget events

Alistair Miles alimanfoo at googlemail.com
Fri Mar 14 06:10:18 EDT 2014

Hi all,

I've spent a couple of days working with IPython 2.0.0-b1 and am having a
lot of fun with interact, thank you for this totally cool feature. Pretty
much every plotting function I write now I find myself trying to find ways
of making it interactive, just so I can play around with it :-)

One thing I'm wondering, I remember from one of Brian's talks that the
widget framework throttles the events being sent when, e.g., a slider is
being moved, so the kernel is not totally swamped. Even still, I have some
plotting functions I'd like to interact with which are relatively expensive
to compute (e.g., >1s) and so I'd like to throttle the events even further.
Is this possible, and if so is it documented anywhere?

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