[IPython-dev] Results of last year's user survey

Carl Smith carl.input at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 12:30:01 EDT 2014

+1 on Gitter. I've never personally used IRC. I've tried a couple of
times just because it sounds cool, but the clients are all a bit
gnarly and the actual experience once you get it working is pretty
underwhelming. Obviously, it's something you have to get into, but
/expecting/ users to 'jump on IRC' is going to cost you a lot on

If you're already invested in GitHub, Gitter extends it cleanly, and
Gitter's easy to extend with user scripts if you want to tweak parts
of it for a particular project's needs.

Tip: Setting `.trpChatInputArea` to have roughly `height:450px` and
`.trpChatInputBoxTextArea`'s font family to anything monospaced makes
it easier to compose more complex chunks of Markdown.

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