[IPython-dev] Loop over a set of notebook cells?

Patrick Surry patrick.surry at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 12:35:11 EDT 2014

A common pattern for me is to do some data analysis w/ tables and plots via
a sequence of cells in a notebook.  Then I want to come back and repeat the
same analysis for a (small number of) different versions or subsets of the
same dataset.

There's a related question on

I could save the whole notebook and run it from the command-line
programmatically, but that breaks the interactive/interactive approach
(e.g. when one of my variants ends up going down a slightly different

Or I could reorganize the notebook so it does everything in one huge cell
but that makes multiple plots and tables challenging.

Feels like I want some looping magic to loop over the next N cells, or at
least some kind of block copy & paste or something?

Am I missing something?

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