[IPython-dev] toggle cell input - changed in dev version?

Juergen Hasch python at elbonia.de
Mon Mar 17 15:27:39 EDT 2014

Am 17.03.2014 20:04, schrieb John Griffiths:
> Thanks everyone for the informative discussion. 
> Running the script with %%HTML is working fine. 
> Juergen - thanks for adding the extension. Perhaps better to call it something like 'hide_input_all.js' though - so it's
> clearer that it's doing the same thing as  'hide_input.js'. Or, even better, have a single extension that adds buttons
> for both.  Apologies I'm not ofay enough with javascript to do that myself. In any case its useful to have a functional
> snippet to hand in addition to the toolbar extensions, as tend to move between systems quite a lot. 
This sounds like a better name for the extension. I will rename it.

If you use more than one computer you can add an extra static path on a network drive and place the extensions there.
This is at least what I do.


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