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Thu Mar 20 13:30:53 EDT 2014

On Thu, Mar 20, 2014 at 1:06 PM, Alessandro Gagliardi
<alessandro.gagliardi at glassdoor.com> wrote:
> I was thinking about that. But my understanding is that when multiple people
> are logged into the same IPython server, this might cause problems for the
> server. Particularly if they are using the same notebook, it seems like the
> kernel could easily get into an inconsistent state. Were you imagining that
> the students would each be using their own notebook but hosted on a single
> server? Or are there ways to have multiple users working on the same
> notebook without it causing problems?

I am imagining a Notebook Server where each user logs in with unique
ID/password and controls their own kernels/clusters (perhaps similar
to how Sage Cloud with IPython works). Students would be members of at
least one, maybe more, classes. The server would need to be able to
run (or farm out) at least one kernel per student.

At that point, one can start to think about sharing, and interacting
with students as users. A homework submission could just be a menu
option. I guess I am thinking about a multi-user system, perhaps like
Drupal/Wordpress built on Tornado for managing users as
students/ta's/teachers/graders etc.


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> Alessandro,
> I think you are right that there are many possibilities for using
> IPython in the classroom. I think many of these could be explored more
> easily if the students were logged in via an IPython server... at
> least that is where I will be concentrating my explorations this year.
> I could imagine: sharing, commenting, grading, hand-in methods,
> testing, quizzes, and clicker-style anonymous polling ("are we all at
> the same place? ready to move on?"), etc. It would be great to make a
> list of such feature ideas, and prioritize....
> -Doug
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