[IPython-dev] Proof of concept HTML5 notification extension

Robert Cross qclists at inventati.org
Thu Mar 27 14:12:29 EDT 2014

Hi guys, I made a little proof of concept extension for IPython to 
implement HTML5 desktop notifications in Chrome and Firefox. I'm not an 
experienced IPython dev nor do I know much about the proper way of doing 
certain things, so feel free to criticize.

Here's a link to the file on Gist: 

I'll just paste the important bits of my comment block:

> Notifyme! - By Robert Cross (rcross at inventati.org)
> Tested on IPython 0.13.1 and current master branch as of date above.
> ===
> -I got tired of listening to my laptop's fan speed to determine when my
> 20 minute calculations were done, so I created this simple extension.
> -This is my first ever open source contribution so feel free to fix, add,
> and improve upon my concept. I would love to see this built into IPython
> Notebook itself!
> -I left a few things incomplete such as directory
> sanitation and file not found errors in changing the notification sound,
> as I'm not sure of the "proper" way of doing it
> -If you decide to modify and improve this extension, please send me an
> e-mail letting me know what improvements you are making and why (fo r
> my own learning purposes). Thank you!
> ===
> Wishlist
> -Proper directory sanitization
> -Proper file not found error handling
> -Detection of browser notification capabilities on load
> -Detection of notification permissions on load, and display button if 
> no t given

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