[IPython-dev] Tab in markdown cells

Damon Allen damontallen at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 10:43:46 EDT 2014


Great work, yet again!

I have a question about using Tab to indent in the markdown cells of
Notebooks using IPython 2.0rc.  Tab still preforms the same in code cells,
but in markdown cells, all it does is change the focus of the browser.  I
was wondering, since lists use indenting to differentiate levels, and code
blocks are denoted with indenting in markdown, is there a keyboard shortcut
that will indent in markdown cells?

I've tried Tab and Ctrl-] to do indenting, but neither seems to work in
markdown cells.  I can add four spaces to indent, but I was hoping that
there was still a single keystroke available.

Thanks again for all the hard work that has gone into version 2.0,

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