[IPython-dev] IPython (terminal & Notebook) 2.0.0 on Sailfish OS

Roberto Colistete Jr. roberto.colistete at gmail.com
Tue May 6 01:24:15 EDT 2014


     New release of IPython for Sailfish OS (used by the Jolla 
smartphone <http://jolla.com/>, Nokia N9 and Nexus 4), as well as for 
Mer & Nemo Mobile & Plasma Active.

     IPython 2.0.0 is released with full terminal and Notebook 
interfaces. See this post in topic "IPython (terminal, Notebook) 2.0.0 
for Sailfish " of Talk Maemo.org forum, it also includes screenshots :

     SymPy 0.7.5 :
and NumPy 1.7.1 :
are also available on Sailfish OS.

         Best regards from Brazil,


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