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Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias at gmail.com
Wed May 7 05:56:01 EDT 2014

Le 3 mai 2014 à 18:31, klo uo a écrit :

> Hey guys,
> are you are familiar with LinqPad?

Thanks for the link.

> If not, just to say it's a lightweight code scratchpad, that can connect to various databases and allow immediate Linq execution. It can also interpret any kind of .Net code (although currently without IronPython/Ruby).
> I thought to ask you about main output result pane - it's a very interesting Html table representation of dumped object(s), that adapts on the object type - allows collapsible nested levels, navigable deep Exception tree, can display images, rawhtml, hyperlinqs - user defined lambda functions that are executed on user click, …

I suppose each of theses features should be discussed independently. Most should Imho be directly implemented by library,
like cyrile rossant HandsonTable for panda dataframe.

Some other like Traceback could definitively be integrate din the core, have already been discussed, but 
pushed to a later point by lack of manpower. 

> Do you think something similar would fit in IPython?
> As object inspection magic, or Qtconsole output pane, or else…?

The response will depend on the exact feature, but instead of targeting a 
specific frontend I would suggest to think on how to get this into the object _repr_*_ or 
in the message spec if it is really impossible to do otherwise. 


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