[IPython-dev] Assistance request in forming a correct kernel_info_reply

heathmatlock heathmatlock at gmail.com
Sun May 11 17:05:43 EDT 2014


If you uncomment line 48 in the source file linked, it will be easier to
see the response sent back by ipython. All the messages I'm receiving back
are of type kernel_info_request, even though I'm sending back what I think
is the appropriate response.

Relevant portion of documentation:

Also, when developing a kernel for a non-Python consumer, do others use a
development version of ipython and utilize pdb as well, or have you mostly
been utilizing your language's debugging facilities, i.e.: receive a zmq
response, inspect the response(in this case, I'm having to print the
response to the screen, eek), ctl-c,  look at the documentation, build a
response, repeat.

Heath Matlock
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