[IPython-dev] Doing some dev

Christopher menyland at gmail.com
Fri May 16 11:52:20 EDT 2014


   So I still use the IPython command line console a lot especially for 
debugging purposes. I utilize the Tracer class to set physical break 
points often but sometimes would like to do conditional breaks instead. 
Additionally then I have the clutter of the extra import for debugging 
purpose. So I tried calling the debugger from the command line in the 
same way you would call the regular Python debugger

python -m IPython.core.debugger myscript.py

no dice. So I clone the dev branch from git hub and started messing 
around. I managed to get something that works although it involves 
monkey patching the IPython Pdb class into the Python pdb module. 
However I get the desired result with my small test case.

So then the question becomes if I want to propose that this be added to 
the IPython code what do I do? I looked around on the site and couldn't 
find anything solid so I decided to post here.

Additionally keep up the good work. I haven't gotten to play with the 
notebooks yet my environment at work is fairly restrictive but I hope to 

Chris Nyland

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