[IPython-dev] Widget documentation?

Anders Schneiderman ASchneiderman at asha.org
Tue May 20 11:19:47 EDT 2014

Where is the documentation for widgets?  There's a little here:


But, for example, if you want to know the parameters that the float slider widget takes, I don't see it. I tried using:


And what I got back didn't include all of the parameters:

Type:            MetaHasTraits
String form:     <class 'IPython.html.widgets.widget_float.FloatSliderWidget'>
File:            c:\anaconda\lib\site-packages\ipython\html\widgets\widget_float.py
Init definition: widgets.FloatSliderWidget(self, *pargs, **kwargs)
class FloatSliderWidget(_BoundedFloatWidget):
    _view_name = Unicode('FloatSliderView', sync=True)
    orientation = Enum([u'horizontal', u'vertical'], u'horizontal',
        help="Vertical or horizontal.", sync=True)
    readout = Bool(True, help="Display the current value of the slider next to it.", sync=True)

Init docstring:  Constructor

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