[IPython-dev] remote X DISPLAY

Vasco Tenner vasco+python at tenner.nl
Tue May 27 04:39:44 EDT 2014

Hi Maximilian,

On 05/25/2014 12:17 AM, Maximilian Albert wrote:
> Hi Vasco,
>     Now I want to use X forwarding show gtk matplotlib windows. This works
>     as long as I keep the original SSH connection open. However, when I
>     create a new ssh connection, the "DISPLAY" environment variable should
>     change. Is there I way I can tell the %matplotlib gtk magic to pass a
>     certain DISPLAY to gtk?
> I think it should work if you put the following at the beginning of your
> notebook:
>     import os
>     os.environ['DISPLAY'] = ':10'
> (or whatever new display number you now have). Untested right now, but
> I'm pretty sure I used it a while back to solve precisely this problem.
This works in a new kernel. At this moment, my ipython-kernel crashes as 
I disconnect the ssh session, after I've run %matplotlib qt.

%matplotlib qt
ssh disconnect -> crash kernel

%matplotlib qt
%matplotlib inline
ssh disconnect -> crash kernel

Furthermore it look likes it is not possible to change from one to 
another DISPLAY environment in a running kernel.


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